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Ethan, Steve and Adam started out playing in another band together. The three musicians quickly discovered a mutual admiration for each others musical skills. When the previous band split, they decided to give it a go as a TRIO. Here you have Saboteur in all it's glory. Enjoy!

What Inspires Us

Each other. Good music. Good beer (Single Malt Scotch in Steve's case). Our significant others and dogs. What else is there? I mean, come on!

Our Influences

Saboteur is knee-deep in all kinds of music. However, seeing as how there is a forty-year age difference between Steve and Adam and Ethan, influences run the gamut. Steve is from the Prog-Rock era of the 70's. Ethan can do Hendrix and Van Halen as easy as The Dead and Allman Bros. Adam? Well he's into just about everything cool.

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